Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation – Augmentation Mammoplasty

Aesthetic concerns experienced by women whose breasts are small compared to the proportion of their bodies can be eliminated with breast augmentation operations. With breast augmentation surgeries, where the psychological effects of having small breasts can be reversed, women can have more prominent and voluminous breasts.

Since breasts are considered one of the most important criteria of femininity, they are very effective on women’s self-confidence. Women whose general health status is suitable for surgery, who have realistic expectations and who have lost their self-confidence due to small breasts, can make a fresh start with breast augmentation surgery.

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Plastic surgery operations performed to improve the self-confidence of women with small breasts and to have fuller breasts; It is called breast enlargement surgery. Breast augmentation surgery, which needs to be individually planned, is among the operations that are very risk-free and the recovery process is fast if performed by expert surgeons and the latest surgical techniques.

Her breasts sagging and melting during childbirth; completed the development of her breasts; having differences in size and shape between their two breasts; Women whose breasts affect the body proportion negatively and whose general health does not carry the risk of anesthesia may feel the increase in their self-confidence after breast augmentation surgery.

Although having small breasts does not adversely affect physical health, it can threaten women’s psychological health. Women who don’t fit what they wear, don’t feel “feminine enough” and whose special relationships are damaged can achieve results that meet their expectations thanks to the breast augmentation operation in which FDA-approved silicone prostheses are attached.

How is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Breast augmentation surgeries are usually performed under general anesthesia. To prevent the formation of visible scars, incisions are made around the nipple (areola), under the armpit or under the breast. The area from which the incision will be made is determined by the size of the breast silicone used, the patient’s preferences, the anatomy of the chest and the surgeon’s recommendations. Since breast tissue and milk ducts are not damaged while placing the breast prosthesis, women who have breast aesthetics do not have a problem with breastfeeding if they give birth.

After the incision is made, the silicone breast prosthesis is placed under the chest muscle or between the chest muscle and breast tissue. After the breast prosthesis is placed, the incision is closed with horizontal sutures.

In some patients, fat injection can also be used as a breast enlargement method. The surgeon determines whether this method, which is based on re-injecting the fat taken from the person into the chest area after a special procedure, can be used.