Face Straps – Thread Face Lift

Face Straps – Thread Face Lift

What is a Thread Face Lift?

Thread lift applied to people who do not want to resort to surgical methods to look younger and whose skin signs of aging have not yet seriously increased; It is an effective medical aesthetic treatment method that corrects facial contours, eliminates skin sagging and makes the person look younger.

What Is Its Purpose?

Helping to preserve the natural expression of the face, the face straps are non-breaking and cling to the tissue. Their flexible structure allows the person to do their mimics comfortably. Face suspension is planned according to the needs of each patient and the degree of sagging of the skin. The main purpose of non-surgical facelift applications is to have a younger looking, more dynamic and more lively face.

 How is the Thread Lift Face Lift Operation Applied?

It is applied using local anesthesia. This process, which takes an average of 45 minutes, is performed without the need for stitches. Since the rope hanger is usually attached to the ear, there is no bad appearance from the outside.

Post-procedure Healing Process and Persistence

After the rope sling face lift, the patient can return to his daily life immediately. This process, which offers a lasting effect for 2 years, shows itself immediately after the application. It will settle completely after an average of 6 weeks.