What is Liposuction?

Lliposuction is a surgery that removes fat from the body by absorbing fat deposits in certain parts of the body with a special vacuum or special injectors. It is definitely not a weight loss surgery, it is a body contour correction surgery. With this surgery, while the fat tissue that is increased in volume and resistant to diet and exercise is removed from the body, the number of existing fat cells is also reduced.


Liposuction Types and Techniques

Continuously developing technologies contribute to the increase in the variety and success rate of liposuction procedures. These methods are applied in 5 different types.

  • In the Vacuum Assisted Liposuction technique, a mixture of liquid is injected into the area where the fat will be removed before the operation. The application can be performed under full anesthesia or local anesthesia. Then, from the 2 mm incisions opened in the region, 3 mm. Oil pulling process is started by entering with cannulas in diameter.
  • Ultrasonic Liposuction: In this application, which is easier to apply than the classical liposuction method, only the fat cells to be absorbed are targeted with the help of ultrasonic sound waves. The process, which is carried out without damaging the surrounding tissues, makes the application efficient in this respect.
  • Power Assisted Liposuction: With the method applied using special moving cannulas, the fat that is desired to be removed in large areas is removed.
  • Water Assisted Liposuction: In this process, the fat is turned into a slurry with the help of water injected under the skin and suction is performed using cannulas.
  • Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction: The skin, which is heated by laser under the fat suction process with the classical vacuum method, becomes more taut. The most obvious difference from other types of liposuction is the tension it provides on the skin.


Liposuction Surgery Process

Liposuction operations are performed between 1-3 hours on average. Although it is natural for the surgeon to decide to take different amounts of oil in line with the examination and patient complaints, the amount considered medically appropriate is between 2.5 and 4.5 liters per day on average. Before the application, the area to be shaped and fat removed is marked by the surgeon. In order to better observe the result of the operation, a photo can be taken before the operation. Afterwards, general or local anesthesia is applied according to preference.


What are the points to be considered in the postoperative period?

There is not much pain after the surgery. Mild pains are relieved with painkillers. Patients are usually discharged on the same day or one day later. It is possible to return to work in 2-3 days.

There may be swelling and bruising in the post-operative period. It usually resolves in 2 weeks. However, it takes about 6-12 months for all the swelling in the operation area to go down and the area to take its final shape. During this period, massage and some other treatments can be applied for support purposes.