Arm Lift Surgery

Arm Lift Surgery – What is Brachioplasty?

It is a surgical application for aesthetic correction of arm region sagging from the elbow to the armpit. Arm skin sagging, which is one of the most common aesthetic problems as a result of aging and increasing the effect of gravity or weight loss, can be removed from a problem with a personalized arm lift surgery.


Arm Lift Surgery Process

Arm lift surgery  is performed under general or local anesthesia in hospital conditions. The average duration of the operation is 1.5-2 hours. Those who have local surgery can be discharged on the same day, while those who have surgery under general anesthesia can be discharged the next day.


Is arm lift a painful operation?

Mild aches and pains felt after the operation will decrease and disappear every day with the use of painkillers arranged by your doctor.


Recovery Process After Arm Lift Surgery

It is allowed to take a shower 2 days after the operation. Elastic bandage is used in the first days. The arms are tried to be kept above the level of the heart. No stitches are required. Sports activities are allowed after 4-6 weeks