What is Hip (Butt) Aesthetics?

What is Hip (Butt) Aesthetics?

It is an application that allows people to give the desired shape to the butt and fills the lower and middle parts with a very smooth transition in the waist part. With the applications made in butt aesthetics, it is possible to make the hips fuller and to give the hips a rounded shape. In addition, during the procedures, it can be applied to the leg and thigh without giving it to the line just below the butt. All surgical procedures performed for aesthetic purposes in the hip area are defined as buttock aesthetics.


How is the operation done?

The operation in question is performed under general anesthesia. Depending on how a butt form will be made, the type of surgery is determined and applied. Necessary procedures are performed and the operation is terminated by closing the incisions.


After Hip (Butt) Aesthetics

After a while, patients can return to their daily lives in a healthy way  . Whether it is a silicone prosthesis or fat tissue, excessive pressure should be avoided for a while after buttock aesthetics, and care should be taken while sitting or lying down. It is necessary to wait at least one month before starting the sportive activity that especially works the leg and butt area. During this period, there is no harm in the patient’s walking or doing his daily work.