Breast Aesthetic Surgery FAQ

Breast Aesthetic Surgery FAQ

1. Who Can Have Breast Aesthetic Surgery?

Breast aesthetic surgeries; It can be classified as breast augmentation surgeries, breast reduction surgeries, breast lift surgeries and asymmetric breast surgeries. In this context, one or both breasts; It can be said that women with small, large, saggy or asymmetry problems between their breasts can have breast aesthetic surgeries. For the operation, the general health condition of the person should be suitable, he should have realistic expectations and he should not be pregnant.


2. Do Silicone Prostheses Prevent Breastfeeding?

As a result of patient-doctor dialogues before breast augmentation surgery, the location and size of silicone prostheses and the surgical technique to be applied to the person are determined. Due to the technique applied after breast augmentation operations, the breast tissue and milk ducts are not damaged. FDA-approved silicone prostheses do not prevent women from breastfeeding and do not cause any harm to the baby. For this reason, women who have a baby in their future plans can safely have breast augmentation surgery.


3. Is There Any Scar After Breast Aesthetics?

During breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast asymmetry correction and breast lift operations, patients leave scars in the incision area. However, these scars fade over time and minimize aesthetic concerns. The area where the incision will be made and the scope of the operation may affect the process of scarring. The process of preserving the prominence of the scars may also vary from patient to patient.


4. Will Breasts Grow Again After Breast Reduction Surgery?

If the person gains weight after breast reduction surgeries, and if he/she experiences pregnancy, breast enlargement may occur. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the lifestyle of people after the operation in order to preserve the results of the surgery.


5. Is it possible to travel by plane after breast aesthetic operations?

Women should be careful during the period of 6 to 8 diseases after breast aesthetics. Since the breasts must be protected against impacts, spending time in crowded environments may cause damage to the breasts. If an emergency flight is required, the patient should contact the surgeons and obtain their approval.


6. Who Can Have Asymmetric Breast Surgery?

Asymmetric breast surgeries that can be performed on people who have differences in shape, size and position between both breasts due to previous surgeries, genetic factors or developmental disorders; It is applied to people who are in good general health, who are uncomfortable due to the shape of their breasts, and who have realistic expectations.


7. Is Breast Lift Operation Performed Together with Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast lift and breast asymmetry correction surgeries can be performed alone or in combination with breast augmentation and breast reduction surgeries. These operations, which should be planned in line with the needs of women, ensure that the breasts reach the ideal size, shape and position.


8. How Much Can Breasts Be Enlarged?

There are different sizes of silicone breast prostheses used in breast augmentation surgeries. The person can theoretically want their breasts to be in the desired volume. However, the fact that naturalness and functionality should be captured in aesthetic operations should not be ignored. For this reason, the surgeon will guide the patients while choosing the silicone prosthesis to be attached to the breasts. Silicone prosthesis preferences proportional to the general body structure of the person will provide a more natural and attractive appearance.