Recovery Period After Breast Aesthetics

Recovery Period After Breast Aesthetics

During breast aesthetic operations performed to improve the physical appearance of women and to bring the shape, position and volume of their breasts to ideal levels; The volume of the breasts can be increased or decreased, the breasts can be erected and the asymmetry problems between the breasts can be corrected. The recovery process after breast aesthetic surgery may vary depending on the general health condition of the person, the extent of the changes made during the operation, age, skin characteristics and surgical techniques applied.


After Breast Augmentation Operation

It is normal for swelling and tenderness in the breast after breast augmentation surgeries to last for about 2 weeks after the operation. The scars of the incisions made from the nipple, under the breast or under the armpit will fade over time. During the recovery period, surgeons may say that special bandages should be used to support the breasts. They may also prescribe pain relievers or anti-infective drugs.

During the recovery period after breast augmentation surgery, the directions of the surgeons should be followed. If you are working in a job that is not physically difficult after the operation, you can return to work within one to two weeks. Surgeons should be contacted if conditions such as redness, warmth or fever in the area are encountered. Expectations after breast augmentation operations that change the volume and shape of the breasts should be realistic. When full recovery occurs, the person will have fuller and self-confidence-boosting breasts.


After Breast Reduction Operation

After breast reduction operations in which one or both breasts are reduced, one should not go to work or school for at least one week. Although the recovery process varies from person to person, it should be noted that it is usually necessary to rest for two weeks. The warnings of surgeons on what to consider after breast reduction surgery should be followed.

Intense physical activity should be avoided for a month. It is normal for the person to feel tired and have pain in the chest after breast reduction surgery. When full recovery occurs, women’s self-confidence will increase; The pain and problems they experience due to large breasts will disappear.


After Breast Lift Operation

Swelling and bruising may occur in the breasts after breast augmentation and breast reduction operations, which can be performed simultaneously or alone. Although edema usually disappears within two weeks, redness, numbness in the nipples, nipple and chest may last for about 6 weeks. Weight should not be lifted after breast lift surgery and intense physical activities should be avoided until the surgeons approve. It is necessary to wait a few months for the breasts to take their full shape; operation scars will lose their redness over time and become pale.


After Asymmetric Breast Surgery

After the breast asymmetry correction surgery, which is performed to eliminate the differences in shape, size and position between the breasts, the swelling in the breasts decreases after about a week. Aesthetic seams are in fine lines and lose their clarity over time. During the recovery period after asymmetric breast surgery, the directives of surgeons should be complied with; In case of unexpected inflammation or fever, surgeons should be contacted.