Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast Asymmetry Correction – What is Asymmetric Breast Surgery ?

Breast asymmetry correction is a suitable surgery for women with uneven breast appearance. Breast asymmetry disorder may be congenital or may develop later. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are among the conditions that disrupt breast asymmetry. The disproportionate appearance of the two breasts can cause self-confidence problems in women, as well as the difficulty of finding a bra and non-aesthetic appearances in clothes. Thanks to breast asymmetry correction surgery, women can now equalize their breasts, and deformed breasts can look more aesthetic and attractive.

How to correct breast asymmetry?

The shape and size of both breasts is very important in breast asymmetry. For example, it is decided which breast will be compared to which in congenital ones. In obvious asymmetry, one breast is small while the other breast is large. In general, it is the size of one of the two breasts that the patient prefers aesthetically. For example, if one breast is too large, it is reduced to resemble the other. It can also be the opposite. If the appearance of one of them is what the patient likes and is in ideal dimensions, if the other breast has not developed at all or if the patient is visually small, silicone is placed on the small breast and enlarged to try to equalize it. At the same time, more attractive and fit breasts can be obtained by combining breast lift surgery if needed. Since breast asymmetry surgery is performed under general anesthesia, pain is not felt. The surgery may take between 1-3 hours depending on the demands of the person.

In breast asymmetry correction surgery, it is very important whether the patients are planning a future pregnancy or not. Because whether the milk ducts are protected during the surgery depends on this plan.

Post Surgery

It is beneficial for patients to wear only a sports bra and a special corset for the period recommended by the doctor. You should not lift heavy loads. No smoking. It is recommended to lie on your back or side for 8-10 days.